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Welcome to Kin, the app that gives your family its own secure ‘personal media’ space where you can connect with each other today, share memories from yesterday, and even leave messages for tomorrow. All free of advertising and without your data ever being up for sale.

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Send future messages

Future Messages only unlock on the dates you choose. Imagine making an appearance at special family occasions for years to come, even when you’re gone.

a message from Dad to be unlocked on 21.03.2023

Share key moments & memories

Your Storyline is a place to preserve and share your family’s history. Photos from the past and moments you want to preserve right now are all automatically placed in easy-to-find chronological order.

Stay closer to people who matter

Whether they’re immediate family or friends you’ve come to consider family, there are people you want to be able to talk to whenever you want. Family Chat lets you keep those conversations in one place rather than having them scattered across a number of apps.

For all membersof your family

Immediate family, family who are gone but never forgotten, friends who are as good as family. Every family is different, but Kin makes it possible for all the members of your family to be part of your story.

Memorial accounts

Just because a family member is no longer with us, doesn’t mean they don’t still play a huge role in your family. Memorial Accounts help you keep their memories very much alive and part of your story.

Young person accounts

The newest generation of your family might not be quite ready to see everything that's going on. Young Person Accounts let younger members still be a part of your family on Kin.

Private & safe for all

We understand that both the people and information on Kin are precious to you. It is why we will never permit advertising on Kin, nor put any of our user information or data up for sale.

Our users love Kin

An essential app for long-distance families

Especially during times like these with travel at a standstill, Kin is such a brilliant way for my family, who are spread across several time zones, to stay up-to-date on each others' lives. I look forward to when my kids are old enough to have their own account and be able to scroll through all our family's photos and memories in one place.

Michael | Posted just now

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